Personal Skills

I consider myself a person who usually acts resolutely.   I work well with others and also in complete self-government. 

Collected all the data of a problem, I'm able to analyze it, to find the better existent solution, or find out a new method.  Gifted with a considerable insight, active, energetic, open-minded to new experiences, I'm also able to explain in plain words complex concepts. 

Learning Skills

All men are born to know. I love to learn and I enjoy exploring. 

I consider myself a well-rounded and versatile person.  I like exploring new things.  

General Computer Skills

My passion for computer science was born in 1982 with the advent of the home-computers. My first PC was the Commodore C-64, with which I have learned the bases of the programming (with his os commodore basic 2.0) the machine language (6502), and the peripherals programming with the user-port (with his byte-parallel signals to drive my custom robot). In those years I realized that what was born like a hobby became my job.  So far I have used many software tools and languages, here there are some of them:

Operating Systems:

Command-line interface: Unix, Linux, Ms-Dos, VMS
Windows interface: MS Windows, Solaris, MacOS
Mobile: iPhoneOS, Android


Circuit Design: LogicWorks
Graphics & GIS Tools: Bentley MicroStation, Autodesk AutoCAD, Corel CorelDRAW, Tenet Maplink Studio
Version Control Systems: Rational ClearCase, CVS
Project Management: Microsoft Project
Project Design: Rational Rose
Document Generation: Rational SoDA, Cppdoc, Pydoc
Document Management: Telelogic Doors

Programming and Scripting:

Web Client-side: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, Ajax
Web Server-side: CGI (Sh/Csh, C), ASP, Zope (PythonScript)
Content Management Systems: Plone, Typo3, Wordpress
OO Design and Programming: Python, C++ (incl. MFC & STL), Objective C, UML
3D Programming: OpenGL & OpenGL-ES API (Open Graphics Library), PLib (Portable Game Library)
GUI Components Programming: ActiveX
GIS Programming: Maplink API
Image Processing: Hips
Other Languages: Assembler 68000, Ansi C, Pascal, Basic, Visual Basic, Fortran, Clipper
Limited: MySQL, PSQL, PHP, Java