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Certified Mail

Electronics Certified Mail (PEC) is a email service certified by CNIPA (National Centre for Information Technology in the Public Administration).
PEC guarantees integrity, trace, non repudiation and historical authenticity of exchanged e-mail messages.


PEC service makes available an e-mail infrastructure compliant with the laws and regulations related to documental transmission (DPR 445/2000). During 2005 the DPR n. 68 giving it legal value; the service characteristics are well explained in the DM (2 November 2005) and in the attached technical rules.
For more specific information:

PGP signed document

To verify the authenticity of my PGP signed messages and documents, you can get my public key from the PGP Public Key Servers and verify the Fingerprint and KeyID with the follows:

Type bits   /keyID         Date          User ID
pub  1024D/ 8C5C1D9D 2003/04/03 Stefano Caschi <>
     Key fingerprint = BD04 E05A F1C0 0D97 4A49  C7C5 2612 CA80 8C5C 1D9D

If you need to communicate with me in a secure way, you should use the above PGP key to encrypt your messages.

Interactive Contacts

If you have skype installed, you can contact me via chat or voip.

Chat: stefano.caschi 

Voice: stefano.caschi


You can contact me via LinkedIn.

If you know me you can also get a connection on my LinkedIn Network.

My account is:

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