Job Experience

ARPA FVG - Udine, Italy

Network Administrator, Software Designer, Developer

December 2004 - present

Maintained all hardware and software that comprises the network, the network facilities in individual machines,  the active network gear (switches, routers, etc.), network servers (Member Servers, Domain Controllers, File Servers, etc.), and Backup Systems. Did troubleshooting  for hardware/software and network-related problems. Designed and developed small db-applications and some plugins for our LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).  At the moment I am involved in the design of the Intranet system.

Microtime - Udine, Italy


November 2007 - December 2007

Provided miscellaneous assistance on terminal-related projects.

Galileo Avionica Spa - Ronchi d. L., Gorizia, Italy

Software Engineer, GUI Architect

November 2000 - December 2004

Worked in team to development the Eurofighter Aircraft (EFA) simulator.

Computer Center of the University of Udine - Udine, Italy


February 2000 - November 2000

Developed a system for the automatic management of the turns in laboratories.

ANDISU - Udine, Italy

Webmaster, Web Developer

August 2000 - November 2000

Designed and maintained the first release of the ANDISU web site. 

DBG Studio - Udine, Italy

Technical Assistant

December 1999 - November 2000

Installed and maintained working equipment. Did troubleshooting for miscellaneous hardware and software problems.

UsableNet inc. - New York, USA

Software Engineer

July 1999 - September 2000

Worked in team to development the first release of the LiftOnLine and LiftOnSite packages. Those are two software tools that allow web designers and web masters to preflight and get a report of the usability status of a site and allow them to Find and Fix problems interactively.

Microtime - Udine, Italy

Webmaster, Web Developer

July 1999 - September 2000

Designed and maintained the Microtime Partners Extranet Portal. This portal shares the software registration forms and any other organization's information and operations with suppliers, vendors and partners. Designed and developed the software components for the remote requests. Did troubleshooting for various network problems.

University of Udine - Udine, Italy

Software Designer, Developer

July 1998 - July 1999

Worked to development a system for Didactic Multimedia Production in TeleTeaching environment: the M-Teach project. This approach is based on a methodology supported by a language and a compiler, and allows the author of a didactic multimedia production to work at a higher level than conventional authoring tools.

Com. Montana del G. - Gemona d.F., Udine, Italy


July 1998 - September 1999

Developed some DB Systems and increased my knowledge about the GIS (Geographic Information System).

Several Public Institutions - Udine, Italy


January 1993 - June 1998

Managed computer networks.   Provided troubleshooting services for hardware and software problems.  Miscellaneous assistance on computer-related projects and on db-related projects (Informix). Developed small DB-Systems (based on Microsoft Access).

R.C.S.T. Julia - Udine, Italy


December 1991 - December 1992

Absolved the Military Service developing some db applications with the help of the Clipper programming language; part of the time was spent in Sicily where I had a role in the military operation known as Vespri Siciliani.